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Nantong ship industry active in thousands of foreign experts
Time:2014/12/19 9:49:27
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  • Through the city, all year round, the foreigners living more and more. Reporters learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration of detachment: the number of overseas staff temporarily to pass more than 450,000 people in 2010 and 2011, usually foreign residents are now more than 4,000 people, respectively, from the five continents in over 20 countries, both the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Japan, Korea, we are familiar with the country or neighboring countries, there are many countries in Africa, and even individual only a few thousand square kilometers of Pacific small island.
    Political commissar of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Detachment, Chen Q, the resident Nantong which more than 4,000 foreigners, and some work in Nantong life three decades, some in the Nantong buy a house get married and have children, some upgrade Nantong economic restructuring provides a strong intellectual support. They regarded Nantong as a "second home", and gradually become the "China" and Nantong outreach ambassador, ambassadors.
    Nantong ship industry is currently active in thousands of foreign experts, each of the major shipyards as little more than a dozen people, as many as hundreds of people, Nantong one hundred billion ship marine industry segment Tim Note vigor. In 2009, the most advanced world's first cylinder-shaped ultra-deepwater offshore drilling oil storage platform in the COSCO Shipyard qidong Base completion of the main designers of the platform is the famous Singaporean shipbuilding master Xuxiu Long. COSCO Shipyard Nantong more than 100 foreign experts, mostly Xu Xiulong introduced to.

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