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    ◆ safety management a
    Requirements: age 25-40 years old Education: high school or more, and enterprise security management experience for more than three years
    Salary: Negotiable

     ◆ wood molding
    Requirements: proficient in drawing and wood mold making between 30-45 years of age.
    Treatment: 4000-6000

    ◆ CAD drawings
    Requirements: college diploma, limited to gender, familiar with computer operation, proficiency in the application of the AutoCAD. Priority of relevant work experience
    Salary: Negotiable

    ◆ English
    Requirements: English 6, fluent spoken. Priority of relevant work experience
    Salary: Negotiable

    ◆ engineers
    Requirements: College diploma, mechanical casting professional. Priority of relevant work experience
    Salary: Negotiable

    ◆ polished work
    Requirements: male, aged between 40-50 years old
    Treatment: 2400-4500

    ◆ fitter
    Requirements: male, aged between 35-50 years of age, work experience.
    Treatment: 3000-5000

    ◆ driving workers
    Requirements: Male or Female, age 30-45 years, appointment card
    Treatment: 2500-4500

    ◆ blast furnace workers
    Requirements: male, aged between 30-45 years of age, work experience
    Treatment: 3000-5000

    ◆ electricity, oxygen welders
    Requirements: male, age 30-50 years old, more than three years of work experience
    Treatment: 3500-5500

    ◆ modeling workshop management
    Requirements: a 45-year-old junior high school education, proficiency in modeling technology, and more than five years of management experience
    Treatment: 5000-6000

        And above all tricks name, hired after passing the examination.



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