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The country to carry out special inspection of the passenger ferry ship safety
Time:2014/12/19 9:49:59
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  • The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport Maritime Bureau to strengthen the safety supervision of the passenger ferry vessels to fully absorb the passenger ferry ship safety lessons from the accident, and effectively curb the passenger ferry ship re-occurrence of major accidents, from February 1 to April 30, the Marine Board to launch a nationwide passenger ferry safety of the ship special inspection activities, the meantime, every ship applies to ships should at least conduct a special inspection.
    Applicable to ships of the event, including one-way journey time is not more than 2 hours or one-way distance traveled over 20 km for the carriage of the passenger ferry ship, short-haul passenger ships for the transport of cars, trains, ferries.
    Check the contents, including whether they hold a valid statutory certificates, instruments and related information; with a qualified crew, ferry workers, and to meet the manning requirements; whether the requirement is equipped with fire fighting, life saving and other related equipment, the equipment is functioning properly, immediately available; ship machinery and equipment is functioning well; establish safety management responsibility system, the relevant person in charge and the crew is familiar with the responsibility for security and safety management system; whether to take effective measures to ensure the loading of passengers and vehicles within the quota, and equipped with appropriate safety facilities to ensure that the upper and lower passengers, vehicle safety; the existence of the phenomenon of violation of transportation law, regulations and competent communications department of the State Council prohibited the transport of dangerous goods, the carriage of dangerous goods, whether to take measures to prevent travelers illegally carrying dangerous goods and take the transition phenomenon.
    Reporters learned that the special inspection of ships passenger ferry overloading, improper loading lead to affect the safety of navigation, not equipped with sufficient to ensure the safe navigation of the crew or the ferry workers, ship navigation, fire fighting, life saving and other safety equipment clearly does not meet the requirements in case of floods, high winds, fog and other inclement weather adventure sailing and may lead to the passenger ferry to unseaworthiness of the major security risks, the maritime sector will be put forward rectification opinions or suggestions, report to the local government and relevant departments, and further in the report, track and urge the responsible party to eliminate the hidden dangers of the passenger ferry ship safety management.

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