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Ministry of Industry issued the shipbuilding industry development plan in 2015 Shipbuilding Industry sales income will reach 1.2 trillion
Time:2014/12/19 9:49:06
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  • Reporters learned yesterday from the Ministry of the shipbuilding industry, "the 12th Five-Year" development plan "has been officially released. "Planning" requirements, "12" period of marine engineering equipment manufacturing sales income reached 200 billion yuan, the shipbuilding industry sales revenue doubled compared with 2010.

    Shipbuilding industry revenue will be doubled

    "Planning" clear, "the 12th Five-Year" period, the shipbuilding industry will enter a crucial stage of the transition from large to strong. The one hand, the in-depth development of economic globalization and international trade, scientific and technological innovation gave birth to new opportunities, continue to broaden the field of shipbuilding industry development; domestic macroeconomic situation and the financing environment continues to improve, the vast seaborne trade and maritime space for economic development; China's shipbuilding industry will remain formative years, the more powerful industrial base, labor, technology, capital, market still has a comparative advantage, and to undertake the transfer of world shipbuilding center trend did not change, conditional promote the shipbuilding industry to a new level.

    On the other hand, the far-reaching impact of the international financial crisis and slowdown in world economic growth, global shipping capacity and construction of excess capacity in the shipbuilding market, lack of effective demand; the structure of demand is a significant change in bulk carriers and other conventional ship weak demand, high-tech ships and marine engineering relatively strong demand for equipment; new international maritime standards, frequent introduction of new specifications, the safety of the ship, green, and comprehensively improve the environmental requirements of the advanced shipbuilding countries to strengthen the blockade, and continue to build technical barriers; world shipbuilding competitive landscape facing the depth adjustment, market competition will become more intense .

    Taking all these factors, the "planning", 2015, China's shipbuilding industrial system more perfect, more reasonable industrial structure, significantly improve the innovation capability and the industry overall quality of the international shipbuilding market share ranking in the world, become the world's shipbuilding power.

    "Planning" the specific targets, including the shipbuilding industry sales revenue reached 1.2 trillion yuan in 2015, exports totaled over 80 billion U.S. dollars.

    This means that the shipbuilding industry of sales revenue in the "Eleventh Five-Year" based on the double. Historical data show that the sales income of more than 600 billion yuan, in 2010 China's shipbuilding industry, ship exports about $ 40 billion.

    Marine equipment and broad development prospects

    "Planning" requirements, marine engineering and equipment manufacturing sales income reached 200 billion yuan, over 20% international market share.

    Investment Advisor in the transportation industry researcher Shin is well pointed out that, although with China's economic growth slows down, the future market needs of the shipbuilding industry may be further narrowed. Marine equipment and is not limited to the shipbuilding industry, including offshore oil exploration equipment, naval armaments, marine services and equipment manufacturing industry. Thus, "planning" is likely to boost the marine equipment manufacturing industry of the future broad prospects for development of lung and confidence of market participants.

    "Planning" further established the dominant role of leading enterprises. Specific objectives include the Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Shipbuilding Base to build a world-class shipbuilding base, industrial concentration has improved significantly, the top 10 shipbuilding enterprises of the national total shipbuilding accounted for more than 70%, into the world top ten enterprises in the shipbuilding before 5. Cultivate 5-6 with international influence of marine equipment general contractor and a number of specialized subcontractors.

    Shen pointed out that far, In order to achieve the goal of "planning" to determine the future reorganization of the shipbuilding industry mergers will become a trend, the state-owned backbone enterprises have the advantage of funds and policy support, will become the main body of future mergers and acquisitions, private small and medium-sized shipyards will absorb the excess The production process of gradual integration and merger.

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