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  • Our company was Rugao city marine casting plant, in 2002July put into production, after years of operating with great concentration, the performance of steady growth, in order to further improve product quality standards, in a business under the condition of sufficient, in 2009February investment300000000 Yuan in the construction of Jiangsu Xiang Sheng heavy industry Limited company, is currently the world's largest production and export base of marine anchor.
    The company covers an area of 76000 square meters, the plant area of 60000square meters. The company has strong technical strength, the existing senior engineer (Professor ),66 Engineering and technical personnel and more than 300years of professional experience in the production of excellent staff.
    The company has received Chinese ( CCS ), the United States of America ( ABS ), the UK ( LR ), Germany ( GL ), Norway ( DNV ), Japan ( NK ), France ( BV ), South Korea ( KR ), Italy ( RINA ), Russia ( RS ) and other classification societies recognized, and obtained ISO9001quality assurance system certification.
    The company may in accordance with national standards, international standards and customer requirements to design, manufacture various types of anchor for ship and marine steel castings, all products through the national acceptance of the classification society after the factory.
    The company's products are marine anchor, marine anchor swivel shackle, fireleads, roller, the controller, the controller bracket, bollard ... Marine anchor, which has more than 20 series, thousands of model specifications. Design of improved delta anchor has been widely used; HY-17, HY-23combination of steel anchor to create the production of domestic counterparts precedent; AC-14HHP sea through grasping force test and Classification Society approved before production, the product is now national class society are recognized and recommended to customers; AC-14 self balance anchor to better than the other various types of anchor balance characteristics of many customers to order, other types of HHP also praised by customers, large holding power anchor are widely used for offshore oil drilling platform. Now my company's products sell well in the United States, Britain, France, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Norway and other worldwide over 30 countries and regions.
    The company introduced the world advanced resin sand process automatic assembly line, production of the largest anchor of up to 60 tons, the annual production capacity up to 36000 tons.
    The company also has production of marine engineering, port engineering machinery castings casting machinery, large marine steel castings, steel structure pieces such as the ability.The company has the right to import and export, processing, self-and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business.
    The company to protect the environment, social returns, care for employees and social responsibility as their responsibility, to complete product varieties, good quality, timely delivery and other characteristics by the majority of users, after full of unremitting efforts, has now become the industry leader.
    Company production, testing equipment, production equipment has20 tons increase arc oven,1200tons of steel plate bending machine,50 tons of drive a vehicle two,32 tons of drive a vehicle six,20 tons of drive a vehicle eighteen, electric heat treatment furnace4.5x 5.5x 9.5 meters two and 5x 6 meters x a13meters; company detection equipment has 300 tons of horizontal tensile testing machine four units,350 tons,600 tons of horizontal tensile testing machine each one, has the world's most advanced spectrum analyzer, universal material testing machine two, impact testing machine two, low temperature impact test groove three, impact test sample notch manual broaching machine two Taiwan, the projector two, four sets of magnetic powder flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector sets and other advanced testing equipment, for the production of quality products to provide a solid guarantee.
    The company is located in Nanjing Expressway national port of Rugao port, the traffic is very convenient, the company warmly welcome domestic and foreign new and old customers come to the exchange of technology, business negotiations, is willing to work with the vast number of friends to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

    Board Chairman:Feng Li


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