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Jiangsu's shipbuilding industry three main indicators remain first in the country
Time:2014/12/5 11:22:49
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  • Ye Chao, Xinhua Jiangsu Channel Nanjing, March 17 (Reporter) reporter learned that the Commission by letter from Jiangsu Province, and accepting orders in shipbuilding capacity, the new, hand-held orders for the three main indicators, 2011, Jiangsu Province, the shipbuilding industry to continuekeep the first in the country, Jiangsu is the first shipbuilding province.

    2011 Jiangsu Province shipbuilding capacity of 27.93 million deadweight tons, an increase of 21.4 percent, accounting for 36.4 percent of the country's share, accounting for 16.4% of the world market share; undertake orders 12.52 million deadweight tons, armed with orders the amount of 58.36 million dwt. 11 enterprises in Jiangsu new century the Jiangsu RSHI, and the Yangtze River and other delivery of the ship over 100 million dwt. 4 Ship Enterprise industrial output value of over ten billion yuan, 17 ships over a hundred million of corporate profits.

    Defense Science and Industry Office in Jiangsu Province, analysis, development environment will be the 2012 World's shipbuilding industry is facing even more severe, the main raw material, labor and other costs rise, increasing pressure on the boat enterprises operating difficulty will continue to rise. Shipbuilding industry will face in Jiangsu Province "orders is difficult, difficult delivery of the ship orders difficult, profitability difficult" test. Response to the test, Jiangsu Province will further speed up the shipbuilding industry technological innovation, broaden the ship financing channels for enterprises, enhance their competitive advantage.

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