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Let the "Made in China" proud
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  • The land east of Shanghai come to an end, within the brief Yangtze River, outside balcony, the Pacific, where the port - it ranked as the East China Sea and Hangzhou Bay, is adjacent to the river and sea water stimulated the formation of dozens of square kilometers the shore, shaped like a drop of water. Here was the poorest, most low-lying places, people have just called a "mud town". Today, jumped up from the mire Harbor Industrial Zone, Shanghai, and even "Made in China" New Heights.
        8 years, 56 square kilometers, the introduction of 176 high-end equipment manufacturing project, the port industry in 2011 output of 45.6 billion yuan in 2015, output value of 120 billion yuan, pulling the entire port area output value reached 500 billion yuan - this group of seemingly striking figure, not sufficient to cover the significance of the port industrial area. February 3, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Shanghai Party Secretary Yu survey gave away: "The port area is the focus of Shanghai's future development, we want to see the situation, seize opportunities, speed up development, and increased efforts to promote , so that the port development and construction of a bright spot to boost the development of confidence. "
        To unswervingly push forward the restructuring and development, comprehensive layout of Shanghai in the 12th Five-Year "period, the introduction of the six key development areas, including the port area. Port, is becoming the international competitiveness of China's most high-end equipment industry area. Used to be "Made in China" Highlands, the National People's your favorite "Shanghai stock" in Shanghai, from the port of departure, with a smile toward the Pacific new business card, handed out a "Made in China" remodeling "Made in China" in the new image.

        Located in the high-end manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, independent manufacturing
        Each one plant has a "best"
        In many industries, made in China is "many" rather than "fine", "big" instead of "strong" and "wide" rather than "high", and even became a synonym for "cheap goods".
        For example, China is the largest shipbuilding country, is not a shipbuilding power. Like shipbuilding key, such as marine engines, engine crankshaft controlled by others, Chinese shipbuilding enterprises are often "boats and other machines, machine axis".
        Port so that it all much improved. Shipbuilding Group and Shanghai Electric has produced in the port of the world's largest bore 980 mm low-speed high-power diesel engines as well as matching 980 marine crankshaft, China Shipbuilding Industry negotiation and pricing, delivery and the right to speak rapidly increase.
        800 meters long, 42 meters high, Shipbuilding Mitsui low-speed marine high power diesel engine production plant, known as Asia's largest engine intelligent production workshop. Assembly at a three-storey, weighing 1,200 tons of monster impressively immediate. "This is not the largest diesel engine of our production." Ye Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai CSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. Board of Directors said, there was mass production of the 15 power of 62 000 hp, 980 mm bore of the largest diesel engine to fill in our The blank of large diesel engines, reversing has been the kinds of situation.
        Shanghai Electric Marine Crankshaft Co., Ltd., the production of low-speed high-power marine diesel engine is the most important accessories - crankshaft. This is a crankshaft manufacturing enterprises. Previously, this crankshaft basically from Japan, Korea and two shipbuilding production. Today, Shanghai Electric marine crankshaft capable of producing almost all models of diesel engine crankshaft, thoroughly break the international monopoly. The good news is, the crankshaft weight dropped from 40 tons to 25 tons, significantly reduce costs and prices due to ongoing technological innovation, performance and quality has reached international advanced level.
        In the port industrial area to visit often felt "see enough", "long experience". Has formed the "6 +1" base port: "6" automobile and powertrain components, ship key parts, new energy equipment, marine engineering equipment, large-scale construction machinery as well as large aircraft and equipment base; " are other types of strategic and emerging industries. Blocks erected a modern plant, almost every one has a "most":
        - China's first independent intellectual property rights of 3.6 MW offshore wind turbine, the root of the world's first million-kilowatt class ultra low pressure welding of critical turbine rotor;
        - The core of China-made large aircraft, the first independent intellectual property rights C919 large aircraft engines;
        - The country's first independent design improved second-generation nuclear power million-kilowatt steam generator, a 100% localization rate of one million kilowatts of nuclear power plant reactor components ...
        Shanghai Shang Yuying, vice director of the Information Commission, said the port adhere to high-end manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, self-created without wavering, to fill our key technologies related to people's livelihood and core areas of interest, the gap on key equipment to achieve the independent innovation and The technical breakthrough in the effort to break the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the kinds of situation.
        One by one to achieve such a goal.
        Nuclear power equipment, that many foreign manufacturers, Harbor changed all that. Port nuclear power two projects in operation, nuclear power equipment will form the annual output of 100,000 sets of reactor internals and control rod drive mechanism, six sets of pressure vessels and steam generators, the five nuclear power main pump, 32 units (sets) twenty-three stage pump, six sets of the conventional island of half-speed turbine generator manufacturing capacity, to become the largest and most complete nuclear power equipment manufacturing base.
        There are marine engineering equipment. Port has been with an annual output of two jack-up drilling platforms, two semi-submersible drilling platforms, more than 50 marine upper module capacity, semi-submersible platform Shuangjing frame, the entire intelligence drilling, operating depth of up to below the surface 3000 m.
        Port gathering of China's most shortages, the core of the equipment manufacturing industry project is focusing on change in China's low-end image.

        Reflect the national strategy, advantage, international competitiveness
        Not technically advanced international declined the door
        The port industrial zone is the masterpiece of the Pudong development and opening up, Shanghai continued eastward expansion.
        Pudong Airport and Yangshan Deepwater Port in succession layout in Pudong along the coast, the port industrial area to go to what the road?
        Vice Mayor of Shanghai Port Industry Zone, director of Ai Baojun summarize: To adhere to the innovation-driven, and improve the industry value chain, and actively cultivate their own brand, and strive to enhance the development zone level, and to secure the port industrial area into a first-class the international advanced modern development zone.
        Direction and positioning of the industry is gradually clear: to reflect the national strategy, reflecting the advantages of Shanghai, reflecting the international competitiveness of development-oriented. "Shanghai Port Group chairman, president Liu Jiaping said," national strategic national needs, Shanghai advantage means is the manufacturing base in Shanghai. "
        The future direction of China's manufacturing industry is advanced manufacturing, and major equipment manufacturing industry of Shanghai tradition. Therefore, the port the country's most urgent needs of high-end equipment industry as the main direction.
        Development of international competitiveness-oriented, a prerequisite of the port to select the enterprises entering the zone. Liujia Ping said: "Our principle is that the patient, if not technically advanced international, into the basic no chance."
        Matter of national strategies, projects involving high-end, extreme, self-equipment manufacturing, Shanghai have given the human, financial and other support and services, or even hesitate to give the power of the city.
        The high-end equipment manufacturing, without international cooperation. Port active and world-class manufacturing group cooperation, the formation of a joint venture of the principal, the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology and re-innovation. Such as China Shipbuilding Mitsui by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. and Japan's Mitsui Zosen Corporation will jointly set up a registered capital of 706 million yuan, the Chinese side holding.
        Harbor Industrial Zone also open the door to domestic enterprises. Respond to the needs of the urbanization process of construction machinery, Harbor waterfront advantages, and actively foster the construction machinery manufacturing base. So far, the three largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, SANY, XCMG have entered in the Heavy Industry. Port quickly became the largest construction machinery manufacturing base in Asia.
        In 2011, a heavy machine excavator market share of 14 percent, the first in the world, completely broke the foreign brands occupy the first long-term situation. In addition, under construction in the confidential machine project will become the largest single high-end smart machine tool factory. "Once, we are imitators, and catch up, now we have joined the ranks of the world's leader." Sany Heavy Machinery employee said proudly.
        Zhang Qingwei, general manager of port Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd of Shanghai Electric, the first group of pioneers to enter the port industrial area. He believes that the rapid rise of the port high-end industries, not only is the technology leader, but also in the advanced mode of production ".
        Shanghai Electric in the port layout 9 project enterprise, involving marine crankshaft, nuclear power equipment, gas turbines are 50 years behind the standard plan. Lifting capacity of 700 tons of driving a company had the world's leading, because this unique capability, ultra-large heavy orders rushing to. "Zhang Qingwei exclaimed.

        Achieve industrial integration, producing city of integration of urban and rural integration
        "To the port of talent to enable them to not want to leave"
        "Major projects should adhere to the fast is fast", which is a strong emphasis on the word of the municipal leaders on different occasions. Should be emboldened to China's rapid manufacturing to participate in international competition, there must be a good business environment, there must be a first-class talent.
        A year ago, Ying Rui the optoelectronic site or a lawn. "I can not believe, can become the LED manufacturing base?" Returned from the United States Wall Street CEO Zhang accident is, The photoelectric year Yingrui start, went into production, creating the fastest of the same kind of plant construction. 50-volt high-voltage LED chips, high-end products has also been developed.
        "This year, the rise of watching the factory from scratch, the product market, I never had a sense of accomplishment." Hi leaving Zhang Wenxin, three years, the company will gather 5000 at home and abroad talents.
        In order to enhance the attractiveness of the port industrial area, the focus of the work of the industrial district has begun to turn around the project steering around the talent to turn, determined to build the port SAR personnel.
        Construction of public rental housing is an important measure of industrial zones to attract and retain talent. Industry sub-urban areas surrounding four towns, a joint venture company. Industrial District and sub-urban planning 660,000 square meters of public rental, the first phase of 250,000 square meters has commenced. With these public rental, corporate employees as long as the monthly pay a few hundred dollars you can live comfortably, decades later, as the case may allow employees to purchase as a reward, and to give property rights.
        Production, livelihood and ecological integration of the production city model of integration is taking shape. Standing on the plans, the party secretary of Pudong Harbor City Administration Committee, deputy director Gu Xiaoming, full of passion: "service Yangshan Deepwater Port, Harbor Industrial Zone, can not wait for talent to construction, infrastructure appropriately ahead to create a the most livable, most eco-living environment. make the advent of work in Hong Kong to not want to leave. "
        The port city's production integration has accelerated the integration of urban and rural areas. To the end of the four town relocation resettlement housing to invest 9.233 billion yuan, placement Households 19688; invested a total of 4.744 billion yuan relocation, social security funds. Harbor Industrial District realized a total landless peasants re-employment for 52,000 people; local residents' savings increased from $ 6.7 billion in 2003 to over 70 billion in 2010. Students test out the mud city, also went back to the port employment.
        Shanghai Municipal Committee, Mayor Han Zheng, recently pointed out that the port development and construction of critical transition. Must adhere firmly to the industrial development, infrastructure, urban construction, ecological environment, production city fusion 'five in one' approach. " very specific instructions, the current annual objectives, tasks and project priorities to focus on transportation, public rental housing construction, full use of the policy, countermeasures would like to clear, to urgently address the difficulties encountered to find a further breakthrough in the development. "
        Pinpoint a breakthrough in the port, the East China Sea "a drop of water", is a reflection of "Made in China" a new dawn ...

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