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Hangzhou first boat anchor
Time:2018/8/20 11:49:20
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  •  Field measurements, the anchor length of 1.1 meters, 4.2 meters long trunk.

    Xiaoshan Wenbao Cui Taijin inference, these two pieces of antiquities should be before the Qing Dynasty, the specific time is unknown. The transformation of the trunk were digging holes may be used to tether.
    It is understood, the antiquities found once is the Qiantang River, due to natural causes, the Qiantang River repeatedly diverted, here from the river into the beach, the anchor appears in here and the reason is uncertain.
    The archaeological staff told reporters, boat anchor found in the Qian Tang River, which is the first case in Hangzhou.
    It is reported that antiquities is found in a pit of 16-17 meters, site there are many wood found Chen Weiming told reporters: "we are No. 30 found, which is the state of things, so that immediately notify the museum."
    Ship anchor of the trunk and found that, are possible in the antiquities of Wai, in Qianjiang century city. In the construction process of the future and daily life, hoping to find the antiquities units and the public timely and the museum. Baohu Wenwu, the continuation of history, is everyone's responsibility.

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